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The Surprising Benefits of a weekend stay in a Serviced Apartment in Milton Keynes

Looking for somewhere different to stay for the weekend?  Have you considered Milton Keynes as an alternative leisure destination?  If not, let me tell you about the surprising benefits of a weekend stay in a serviced apartment in Milton Keynes.

Most people think about Milton Keynes as a bit of a joke city, what with its concrete cows, multiple roundabouts and balloon adverts.  However, the reality is that Milton Keynes is a truly unique city in the UK, so the reality is quite different to public perception.

Some of the leisure activities include an indoor real snow ski slope called Snozone in the Xscape building, indoor sky diving in the same building called iFly, 2 states of the art Multiplex cinemas in the city centre and at the MK Dons football stadium, a theatre, ice skating, go-karting, bars, nightclubs etc, etc.  

There is a cycle system, off-road,  around the entire city called the Redway System.  The city itself is remarkably green, with 5,000 acres of woods, parks, lakes, rivers and canal.  The city is itself in close proximity to Woburn , including the safari park, picturesque villages, canal and river, 3 large lakes etc.

As for the many roundabouts and dual carriageway systems throughout the city, why that just means that you can drive up to 70 miles per hour legitimately and get from A to B rapidly with very few sets of traffic lights. 

There are many more things to do in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area than I can write about within the confines of a short blog like this, but do visit this city, as you will be amazed at the quantity, quality and sheer variety of things you can do.

When you book accommodation in Milton Keynes, you have various choices, but why not stay in a serviced apartment rather than a hotel, especially if you are travelling in a group or a family?  You see, serviced apartments offer a home from home with far more space and facilities than a hotel room, such as a kitchen, bathroom, washing and ironing.  What’s more, if you travel in a group, you will find a serviced apartment is much cheaper than a hotel room or rooms and offers far better value for money.

On top of these many benefits, we have several discounted deals for weekend stays between this September and the New Year holiday period.

So if you would like to book an interesting weekend stay in a modern, vibrant city, why not get in touch with us?  You know it makes sense.

Tony Byrne, Managing Director 

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Tony Byrne

Managing Director

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