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Self-catering-accommodation in Milton Keynes


So many people now prefer to stay in a home-away-from-home rather than a much smaller hotel room.


Here’s why Shortstay:MK self-catering accommodation beats hotels hands down…





If you’re booking short-term apartment rentals in Milton Keynes, Shortstay:MK’s offerings outclass the rest – and outclass any hotel accommodation for sheer peace, comfort and luxury facilities. But that’s not all…


And, value for money


Did you know that per person, you get up to 40 per cent more accommodation space in one of our serviced apartments than you would in any hotel in Milton Keynes? It’s like having a luxury suite … for a fraction of the cost. 


What’s more, staying in one of our apartments is at least 30 per cent cheaper than staying in a hotel. And with Shortstay-MK you pay per apartment, not per person. That means if you share one of our larger two or three-bedroom apartments, the cost per person is even lower.


With no need to adhere to meal times … total privacy … freedom to do what you want, where you want … and the peace of mind you need when you’re away from home.


Fully equipped kitchen



To prove our point, here is an example of cost comparisons


You also save substantially on the costly add-ons all hotels charge for.


WiFi … Hotel - up to £15 per day … ShortStay-MK apartment – free


Parking … Hotel - up to £20 per day … ShortStay-MK apartment – free


Laundry service … Hotel – up to £20 … ShortStay-MK apartment – free


In-room movie … Hotel – up to £10 … ShortStay-Mk apartment – free


Small meeting room rental … Hotel - up to £100 per half-day … ShortStay-MK apartment - free 



So don’t hesitate if you are seeking corporate accommodation in Milton Keynes in 2024.

Get in touch to discuss your short-term apartment or house rental in Milton Keynes by calling 01908 540636 or 0771 519 370.

Or, drop an email to

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