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Will she go to the ball?

Cinderella showing at Milton Keynes Theatre


Cinderella  - Laugh out Loud Fun


You can enjoy the famous pantomime Cinderella at Milton Keynes Theatre this year. “Cinderella” is a classic fairy tale that lends itself to pantomime.  Often referred to as “panto” by the British public, panto combines comedy, music and lots of audience participation, all of which children and adults love.    Can you remember ‘he’s behind you’ from when you were young?


This year Milton Keynes Theatre's pantomime choice is "Cinderella,"   with Buttons being performed by the acclaimed Brian Conley so that you can expect laugh-out-loud comedy, beautiful costumes and a lot of boos and hisses during every performance.

So join Cinders, her two Wicked Stepsisters, Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming and watch a typical panto happy ending.


Here is some information on the cast characters to get you in the mood.


  • Cinderella: The protagonist of the story, Cinderella is a kind and gentle young woman who her wicked stepmother and stepsisters mistreat. She dreams of attending the royal ball and meeting the prince.


  • Prince Charming: The handsome and charming prince who falls in love with Cinderella at the royal ball. He is a central character in the story.


  • Fairy Godmother: Cinderella's magical helper who transforms her and enables her to attend the ball. The Fairy Godmother often provides comic relief.


  • Stepmother and Stepsisters: Cinderella's cruel and comically exaggerated family members who mistreat her. Men typically play them in drag for comedic effect.


  • The Ball: The grand royal ball is a significant event in the story where Cinderella's life takes a magical turn.


  • The Glass Slipper: Cinderella leaves behind a glass slipper at the ball, crucial in identifying her as the prince's true love.


  • The Ugly Sisters' Outlandish Costumes: In traditional pantomime fashion, the stepsisters are often dressed in outrageously flamboyant and over-the-top costumes.


  • Audience Participation: Pantomimes encourage audience participation with shouts, cheers, and even sing-alongs with popular songs.


  • Comedy and Puns: Pantomimes are known for their humour, including slapstick comedy, wordplay, and puns.


  • Musical Numbers: Pantomimes feature a mix of popular songs and original music, often with modified lyrics to fit the story.


Overall, a pantomime adaptation of "Cinderella" retains the core elements of the classic fairy tale while adding humour, music, and interactive elements to entertain audiences of all ages during the holiday season. It's a beloved tradition in British theatre.


Cinderella runs from Saturday, 9 December 2023 - Sunday, 4 January 2024, at Milton Keynes Theatre located at 500 Marlborough Gate, Central Milton Keynes MK9 2NZ.

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