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Apartments vs Hotel Rooms

Milton Keynes Hotels vs Milton Keynes Serviced Accommodation.


Milton Keynes serviced apartments and houses offer many benefits over traditional hotel rooms, making them a popular choice for business and leisure travellers.  Here is why staying in a Milton Keynes serviced accommodation over a Milton Keynes hotel room makes sense!

You can experience a far more homely stay with all the added luxuries you have at home, and you can even make your new space very personal by bringing family photos and those little treasured trinkets. 


More Space: Serviced apartments typically provide more space than standard hotel rooms. They often include separate living, dining, and sleeping areas, making them a more comfortable option for extended stays or those travelling with family or in larger groups.




Kitchen Facilities: One significant advantage of serviced apartments is the presence of a fully-equipped kitchen. This allows guests to prepare their meals, saving money on dining out and providing a convenient option for those with dietary restrictions.





Cost-Effective for Extended Stays: Serviced apartments often offer more cost-effective solutions for extended stays compared to hotels. The longer you stay, the more economical it can be, especially considering the savings on dining expenses.


Home-like Atmosphere: Serviced apartments aim to provide a more homely atmosphere. The inclusion of separate living spaces and kitchen facilities can make guests feel more at home, contributing to a more comfortable and relaxed stay.


Flexibility: Guests staying in serviced apartments have more flexibility in terms of their daily routines. They can choose to eat in or out, work in a separate space, and generally create an environment that suits their lifestyle. For longer-term stays in Milton Keynes there are no contracts to sign, nor deposits to pay, all we require is 7 days' notice before your final departure. This is perfect when in between moving house and when your own home is uninhabitable due to a flood, fire etc.


Privacy: Serviced apartments often offer greater privacy compared to hotel rooms. The separate living spaces allow guests to have private meetings or relax without the disturbances common in hotel environments.





Laundry Facilities: Many serviced apartments come equipped with in-unit laundry facilities or access to communal laundry rooms. This is especially convenient for long-term travellers who need to do laundry during their stay.


Personalized Services: While not as extensive as in hotels, some serviced apartments provide personalized services such as housekeeping, concierge, and other amenities to enhance the guest experience.




Ideal for Business Travellers: Serviced apartments are often favoured by business travellers due to the added space, kitchen facilities, and the ability to create a more work-friendly environment. All ShortstayMK accommodations provide super-fast fibre broadband.


Local Experience: Staying in a serviced apartment can provide a more authentic local experience, as guests are often situated in residential areas rather than tourist-centric locations. Our Vizion site is so centrally located you can walk to The Centre:MK shopping mall, Theatre District and Xscape.


Our Vizion serviced apartments can accommodate up to 2 - 6 guests, whilst our Campbell Park and Northleigh House, have sufficient beds for 8 – 10 guests.


No matter whether you are choosing Milton Keynes for a place to stay for business a weekend getaway, or your summer holiday, our team will be able to assist you.   Call 01908 540 636 or complete our 'Contact Us' form.

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