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Investment Properties

Landlords, earn guaranteed income from your property investment

A more profitable way for landlords to earn from your luxury apartment in Milton Keynes.


As you know, Milton Keynes is the fastest growing city in the UK, and some say the fastest growing city in Europe, being centrally located with fantastic transport links to the city and across the country.

Many ShortstayMK guests are contractors and travelling employees who are seeking a more spacious place to stay than a small faceless hotel room.  Consequently, we are seeing an unusually large and growing demand for luxury serviced apartments in Milton Keynes from businesses. Here at ShortstayMK we are always looking for landlords to help us meet this growing demand.


Vizion apartment


With our landlord services, as well as offering rental payments at market rates, we also guarantee your rent for the duration of the contract, regardless of whether or not the property is constantly occupied.

The maintenance of your property is closely managed throughout the term of the contract to ensure high standards are maintained. We employ our own housekeeping and maintenance teams to ensure the upkeep of your property, with regular maintenance checks and weekly housekeeping visits.

We can even manage any property upgrade work that may be needed to bring your property up to serviced accommodation standards, using our experience and contacts to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum.
Our in-house maintenance team attend to the minor repair jobs on your behalf, saving you travelling time and hours on administration. We are happy to order parts and take delivery on your behalf.

A member of the ShortstayMK team will be happy to meet contractors at the property on your behalf and can prepare the PAT certificate for you.

So, if you want a change from paying the traditional letting agents high fees for tenant finds, preparation of the inventory and drawing up contracts; why not realise the full return on your investment and keep all the money yourself and let directly to ShortstayMK; by cutting out the middle-man over the years you will save hundreds if not thousands of pounds.


Midsummer Boulevard MK9


ShortstayMK guarantees your rent for the duration of the contract, regardless of whether or not the property is constantly occupied, saving you on lost revenue during void periods.

The ShortstayMK office is centrally located in South Row and adjacent to Vizion, and a minute walk to The Hub:MK and new Silbury developments.

So, if you have an apartment or house to let which is centrally located in Milton Keynes, do call our office on 01908 540636 or 07771 519 370 as we would love to be able to tell you why letting direct will mean more money for you.

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