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Benefits and drawbacks of using serviced accommodation

The Benefits and Drawbacks of when to use Serviced Accommodation


Readers of this blog will be aware of serviced apartments/houses, aparthotel, corporate lets, bed and breakfasts, guest houses and hotels.  However, most people are unaware of an alternative option known as unserviced apartments and houses.

So what is the difference?  As the name implies, unserviced accommodation removes the servicing element.  Below is a list of the benefits of unserviced accommodation.


The Benefits of Using Unserviced Accommodation

No weekly cleaning, although we still leave an additional set of bed linen and towels and all accommodation provides a washer/dryer so guests can launder for themselves.  You save the cost of paying for a weekly maid service, which includes cleaning the accommodation and changing bed linen and towels.  This reduces the nightly rate charged.

No VAT added to the invoice, subject to stays exceeding 28 nights to qualify.  This improves cash flow for VAT-registered corporate guests and saves money for individuals who are not VAT-registered.  Some businesses cannot reclaim VAT if they are not VAT-registered or their turnover is fully or partly exempt from VAT; therefore, the VAT is saved partly or fully.

Share with colleagues in the same property, whether a 2 - 6 bed property.    You do not feel lonely when working away from home.

You can easily share transport to your place of work.  All properties provide at least one car parking space inclusive of the rental, and houses typically have four spaces in front of the property.  This saves on travel costs.


The Drawbacks of NOT using Serviced Accommodation

You must clean the house yourself. 

You have to change your bed linen and towels. 

You must share the property with other people.

If you employ contractors who work on contracts that last more than 28 days, then unserviced accommodation may be the right solution for you, as it will save you money and improve your cash flow.  It’s certainly worth considering when your business’s cash flow is tight.

Why not contact us and ask us for a quote?  You know it makes sense.


Tony Byrne,  Managing Director 

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Tony Byrne

Managing Director

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