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The advantages of a long term stay in serviced accommodation

The advantages of a long-term serviced accommodation stay.


Serviced apartments and houses offer many advantages for a long-term business stay. The key is flexibility. No tenancy agreement contracts need to be signed, as with an AST let. There is such flexibility and no penalties. Normally, the short-let company only requires a 7-day notice period, so should your work contract end early, you do not have to pay for rental days you will not be staying.


Please keep in mind the following information: 


Cost-Effectiveness - Lower Costs: Serviced accommodations typically offer more competitive pricing compared to hotels, especially for extended stays. - Discounts: Many serviced accommodations provide discounts for long-term bookings, making them more affordable. 


Space and Comfort - More Space: Serviced accommodations usually offer more living space than hotel rooms, including separate living, sleeping, and dining areas. - Home-Like Environment: With features such as kitchens, living rooms, and sometimes multiple bedrooms, serviced accommodations provide a comfortable, home-like environment, especially for long-term stays. 


Self-Catering Facilities - Full Kitchens: A fully equipped kitchen allows guests to cook their own meals, saving money on dining out and catering to dietary preferences or restrictions. - Laundry Facilities: Many serviced accommodations come with washing machines and dryers, reducing the need for expensive hotel laundry services. 


Flexibility and Privacy - Flexible Living: The home-like setup of serviced accommodations allows for more personal space and flexibility in daily routines, which can be particularly beneficial for families or groups. - Enhanced Privacy: With separate living spaces and often private entrances, serviced accommodations offer more privacy compared to hotel rooms. 


Amenities and Services - Customisable Services: Serviced accommodations often allow guests to choose from a range of additional services (e.g., cleaning, concierge) based on their needs and budget. - Facilities: Many serviced accommodations come with amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, and business centres, similar to hotels but often with fewer guests competing for use. 


Long-Term Living Essentials - Storage Space: More storage options make it easier to settle in and live comfortably without feeling cramped. - Personalisation: Guests can personalise their living space more easily, making it feel more like home. 


Better for Work-Life Balance - Work Spaces: Serviced accommodations often include workspaces or desks, which is convenient for business travellers or remote workers.


Living Separation -  The ability to separate work from living spaces helps in maintaining a better work-life balance. 


Pet-Friendly Options - Pet Accommodation: Many serviced accommodations are more flexible with pet policies, making it easier for long-term guests to bring their pets.


Overall, serviced accommodations offer a more comfortable, flexible, and cost-effective solution for long-term stays compared to hotel rooms. They provide a home-like environment with the convenience of additional space and amenities, making them ideal for individuals, families, and business travellers looking for an extended stay.


If you have any questions, call our office on 01908 540636 or 07771 519 370, and our team will assist you.


Fully equipped kitchen in Milton Keynes serviced houses

Fully equipped kitchen in Milton Keynes serviced houses

Vizion serviced apartment with Sky sports and movies

Sky high water gardens at Vizion, Central Milton Keynes

Twin bedded room in 4-bedroom Milton Keynes serviced townhouse

Vizion En-suite bathrooms

Vizion En-suite bathrooms

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