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Serviced Apartments in Milton Keynes

A Corporate Stay with a Residential Setting

A Corporate Stay with a Residential Setting


Choosing a one-bedroom serviced apartment for corporate stays is a practical and cost-effective solution that provides a range of benefits tailored to the specific needs of business travellers. Compared to hotels, serviced apartments offer better value for money, particularly for extended stays, with a lower cost per night. Longer bookings attract discounts, leading to significant savings for the company. 


Working in a serviced apartment


In addition, a serviced apartment offers a far more comfortable and homely environment compared to a hotel room for business workers staying in one location for an extended period. With separate living and sleeping areas and amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities, employees can maintain their routines and enjoy a sense of normalcy during their stay. 


The environment of serviced apartments also creates a conducive atmosphere for work, with dedicated workspaces and reliable internet access. Unlike hotel rooms, primarily designed for relaxation, serviced apartments offer a balance between comfort and functionality, allowing employees to focus on their work tasks effectively. Serviced apartments provide greater flexibility in terms of space and amenities. Employees can entertain clients or colleagues in the living area, host meetings in a more private setting, or relax and unwind after a busy work day. The ability to cook meals in the apartment's kitchen adds flexibility, allowing employees to dine according to their preferences and dietary requirements.


Vizion 1 bedroom serviced apartment


Serviced apartments offer enhanced privacy and security compared to hotels. With fewer guests and a more residential setting, employees can feel more at ease knowing they have a dedicated space to themselves. Additionally, features such as secure access systems and 24-hour concierge services provide an added layer of security for both the employee and the company's assets. 


Also, serviced apartments can be customized to meet the specific needs of business travellers. Companies can choose apartments with amenities like high-speed internet, ergonomic workstations, and additional services like housekeeping and grocery delivery to ensure their employees have everything they need for a comfortable and productive stay. 


By choosing serviced apartments over hotels, companies can demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being and comfort and a smart approach to cost management. This can contribute to employee satisfaction and retention and create positive perceptions among clients and partners, enhancing the company's corporate image. 


Overall, choosing a one-bedroom serviced apartment for corporate stays is a practical, cost-effective, and comfortable solution that meets the specific needs of the corporate guest while aligning with the company's objectives and values.


And here is the good news: from March to the end of June, our one-bedroom Vizion apartments are available for just £109 per night. This rate includes all taxes, superfast fibre broadband, Sky Sports and Movies, privately allocated parking, and housekeeping.


To reserve your accommodation, call 01908 540 636 or 07771 519370, and our friendly team will be able to suggest the best apartment to suit your needs or, for ease, book online.

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