ASAP (The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers) aim to ensure the consumer has confidence in booking serviced apartment accommodation anywhere in the world.


Shortstay:MK are pleased to announce they have retained their Accreditation as a Serviced Apartment Operator for another year by being awarded the new ISAAP Quality Accredited Provider and the Compliance Assured Provider.

What does this mean for you, the guest?   

For many years hotels have been given a quality award through star ratings.  

With the Serviced Apartment sector being relatively new, ASAP realised that consumers required a high standard of accommodation and there was work to be done to convince consumers to try this new form of accommodation.

In response to this need for reassurance, ASAP launched A Quality Accreditation Marques to the industry in 2014, to drive up, maintain and inform standards around bookings, facilities and health and safety.  The ASAP Quality Accreditation Programme is the leading global quality assessment, reporting, recognition and accreditation system for the serviced apartments, corporate housing and executive suites sectors of the hospitality industry.

For the consumer, it means they can be confident that those awarded the accreditation anywhere in the world are delivering a consistently high standard of customer care, comfort and health and safety.

And that, where possible, they should always seek the accreditation marque when booking a serviced apartment.



ISAAP is the leading global provider of quality assessment, reporting and recognition awards for the serviced accommodation, corporate housing and executive apartment sector of the hospitality industry.

We are delighted to have been recognised for our achievement once again,  being awarded both the Compliance and Quality Accredited awards and are proud to be able to display the new industry logos.

A Compliance Assured Provider means we have met all prescribed regulations and best practice standards of safety, security and duty of care.   The awards are given annually after a thorough inspection by the ASAP inspectors.

As a Quality Accredited Provider we have satisfied 250 rigorous quality considerations in addition to meeting all prescribed regulations and best practice standards of safety, security and duty of care.  This award verifies that, by undergoing comprehensive on-site product inspections, a minimum standard of quality and comfort excellence has been achieved.


Shortstay:MK are delighted to have received the award for many years now and continue to strive to exceed the expected standards required.


Compliance Assured Provider Award












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